HIGH PIVOT 32T Oval Chainring
HIGH PIVOT 32T Oval Chainring
HIGH PIVOT 32T Oval Chainring

HIGH PIVOT 32T Oval Chainring

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An oval chainring designed specifically for high pivot suspension mountain bikes. Pedal more efficiently and generate more traction on technical climbs. Oval chainrings have a continually variable gear ratio that compliments your body's kinematics.

Our 32T oval chainrings are designed with a wide/narrow tooth profile for excellent chain retention over rough terrain. Machined from 7075 aluminum, they are stiff, light weight and durable with a brilliant anodized finish.
What makes these high pivot specific?
An oval ring changes its gear ratio as it cycles through the pedal stroke. They are "clocked" to be widest when you produce the most power and smallest when you produce the least.  But on a high pivot frame, the chains path over an idler gear changes where it interacts with the oval ring, completely altering the timing of the oval. This creates a situation where your gear ratio is getting harder when you produce less power, and easier when you produce more. This is almost completely opposite to the way ovals were designed (it actually becomes very close to shimano bio-pace). We looked at the layout of the most common high pivot trail bikes: the Forbidden Druid and Dreadnought. We designed an oval ring that was clocked forwards to work specifically with the suspension layout of these bikes.
For non-high pivot bikes, see our Standard Oval Chainring.

PLEASE NOTE: This is incompatible with size Small Forbidden frames.
  • CNC machined in Victoria, BC
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • 3mm offset
  • Weight: 79.5g
  • Anodized
  • Laser engraved


  • Incompatible with size Small Forbidden frames due to lack of clearance around the swingarm.
  • Optimized for the Forbidden Druid/Dreadnought. DeVinci Spartan uses Super Boost which is a 0mm offset ring, our HPO ring is clocked correctly but with a Boost offset of 3mm so use at your own discretion. Will also work with the Norco Range and Shore, but the lack of a full wrap chain guide may lead to chain retention issues for some riders. 
  • For use with SRAM (including DUB) cranksets, this direct mount ring will replace your existing chainring and spider or direct mount ring. It is installed with 3 bolts on the back side, near the spindle (bolts not included, use the ones that are already on your crank). 
  • Not compatible with SRAM 12spd Red and Force AXS cranksets, as they use a different 8 bolt mounting interface. 
  • 3mm offset is designed for Boost-spaced frames (52mm chainline).


Our products are manufactured in Victoria BC on Vancouver island. We are under the same roof as Islander Precision Fishing reels which has been manufacturing industry leading reels for 30 years. Farside components was started by an islander machinist that wanted to apply the islander ethos to mountain bike components.